Epica ∤ The Quantum Enigma ∤ 2014

The sixth studio album, Epica opens with an epic two-minute instrumental with string parts and a fairly solid sound that at times resembles a soundtrack for a film. The engaged songs are upgraded one after the other, as the album progresses. Complex compositions and choirs with a soft overtone, verses that come out of the structure, an oriental overtone in certain titles, create a beautiful Gothic painting and a symphonic rhapsody. Concise, energetic and focused recording, dominance of vocals and guitar create a fantastic atmosphere.

The song that stands out is The Essence Of Silence, the third in a row. Gothic violins, heavy guitar rhythms and a great duet of Simone and Mark. Simone Simons has shown why she is one of the best vocals at the moment, on the metal scene. In some parts you can see her grace, self-confidence and clarity.

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