Amorphis ∤ Circle ∤ 2013

Circle. Music for winter days. This is the eleventh studio album by the Finnish band Amorphis. “House of Sleep” is still the most famous song of this band, while from the album “Circle” two songs are more popular than the others, “Shades of Gray” (introductory) and “Hopeless Days”. Amorphis is a very famous Finnish progressive metal band. At the beginning of their career, they played death and doom metal. Often their music was a combination of different genres of metal – doom, folk or black.  

Tekstove je napisao Pekka Kainulainen, koji radi sa bendom još od 2007 godine. On koristi pojedine ideje iz finskog epa Kalevala. Album je sjajno ritmički uklopljen. Zanimljive stvari sa ovog albuma: “The Wanderer”, “Mission” i “A “New Day”.

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