Hugh Laurie ∤ Didn’t It Rain ∤ 2013

Hugh Laurie is a great actor, as a musician he is less known. The two most famous series in which he starred are “Black Snake” and “Dr House”. “Didn’t It Rain” is a great jazz, blues album. The lyrics are very funny and ironic, you can conclude that based on the title of the song, like “God send me to the Electric Chair”.

After 2010, Hugh Laurie began a serious musical career. In 2011, Doctor House played the piano in the song “If I Can’t Have You” from the Meatloaf album. The following year, he released his first solo album, “Let Them Talk,” a blues album with guest musicians. Last year’s album is a mix of blues, tango, jazz and R&B. Guest musicians: Gaby Moreno, Jean McClain and Taj Mahal.

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