Big Thief ∤ Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You ∤ 2022

Alt Country / Indie Folk / 8-track tape machine / Dust to Dusk / Sparrow / Brooklyn / Neopsychedelic / 20 Songs / Five Months / Five Different Locations / Subconscious dream of timeless / Infinite mystery / Topanga Canyon / Colorado Rockies / Tucson Arizona / Openheart / The strongest testament to its existence / 4AD / Soothing / Pastoral / Bittersweet / Road Record Americana

Favourite Songs: Spud Infinity, Sparrow, Wake me Up To Drive
Favourite Lyrics: Change, Certainty, The Only Place
MuseTag: Alternative Folk

Would you live forever, never die
While everything around passes?
Would you smile forever, never cry?

Would you stare forever at the sun
And never watch the moon rising?
Would you walk forever in the light
To never learn the secret of the quiet night?

When I took another look
The past was not a history book
That was just some linear perception
Ash to ask and dust to dusk
A dime a dozen, aren’t we just?
But a dozen dimes will buy a crust of garlic bread

When the topsoil
Is kicking up into the storm
And the dust goes dancing
And a billion planets are born

When all material scatters
And ashes amplify
The only place that matters
Is by your side

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